Want to Save Money? Replace Your Furnace!

Energy costs are spiraling out of control, and this trend is expected to continue throughout the next several years. If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce your utility bills despite the rising cost.

While it may seem counterintuitive because of the initial upfront investment, replacing your old energy hog of a furnace may be the perfect way to reduce your expenses.

How You Can Save Money by Replacing Your Furnace new furnace hagerstown

Just in the past decade, the efficiency of residential heating systems has increased dramatically. Ten short years ago, the average furnace operated at 78% efficiency. (If you have an older heater, it may be operating at 60% efficiency or even less!) Today’s energy efficient heating systems, however, offer 98% efficiency.

What does that mean for you?

Efficiency is based on how well the system uses energy. If your system is 60% efficient, then only 60% of the energy you’re using is used to produce heat and 40% is wasted. With a modern system that’s 98% efficient, only 2% is wasted. Upgrading to a new furnace means you’ll see a drastic reduction in fuel cost as you’ll no longer be wasting nearly as much.

Other Ways a New Furnace Saves You Money

Just based on improved energy efficiency alone, upgrading to a newer furnace will save you big in the long run, but that’s not the only benefit. Over time, your old heater is likely to need more and more repairs. Replacing your furnace now means you’ll likely avoid the expense of those repairs, and those savings adds up quickly!

Upgrading to a new furnace may also qualify you for valuable tax incentives and rebates. You could save up to $500 on your taxes just by getting a new furnace!

If you’re thinking about upgrading your furnace, contact Larry & Sons today!

Save Energy with These 5 Easy Tips!

2017 is here, and now is the perfect time to make New Year’s Resolutions and put them into action. While most people are starting on diets and exercise plans that are likely to fail, why not do something different this year?

Resolving to reduce your energy consumption is easy, and the payoff is huge. There are several small ways to use less energy, and these small changes are much easier to stick to than an entire overhaul of your diet!

Check out these tips to save energy in the New Year!

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce Energy Consumption
Resolve to reduce energy consumption in 2017 with these easy tips!
  1. Kick your old thermostat to the curb. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on your annual heating and cooling bills by simply adjusting the temperature when you’re asleep or not at home. You stay comfortable, and your energy bills drop. What’s not to love?
  2. Get rid of your old appliances. Old appliances could be wasting tons of energy. In fact, your appliances and electronics account for about 20% of your home’s energy consumption. By upgrading to Energy Star certified products, you could drastically reduce your usage. As a bonus, upgrading could make you eligible for valuable tax incentives.
  3. Take advantage of the sun. During the winter months, opening up your curtains to let the sun in gives your heating system a bit of a break. Opening up the blinds also lets light in, meaning you need to use less electric lights. Remember to keep the blinds and curtains closed during the summer, though.
  4. Pick up a power strip. Did you know that your electronic devices and chargers draw power even when they aren’t in use? Known as “energy vampires,” these things could be costing you up to $100 per year. Plug them into a power strip, and turn off the strip when the devices aren’t in use.
  5. Schedule a home energy audit. Not sure what’s driving up your energy bills? A home energy audit is a great way to find out. During the audit, you’ll learn where you’re wasting energy and find out how to lower your consumption.

At Larry & Sons, we can help you discover ways to reduce your energy consumption all around your home. From sealing air ducts to prevent warmed or cooled air from escaping to helping you upgrade to a programmable thermostat to replacing your old energy hog of a water heater with a new tankless water heater, we’re here to help you make small changes that make a huge difference!

Contact us today to learn how to make your home more energy efficient in 2017! Call 301-733-5428.

Go Green! Energy-Efficient Kitchen Tips

St. Patrick’s Day is here and everybody seems to be going green — well, drinking green beer and wearing green clothing at least. We’re talking about a different kind of “green.” By turning your kitchen green, you can save money and feel better about lessening your impact on the environment.

Green Kitchen, Energy-Efficient Home

Besides using less paper and water, here is a list of ways you can put your kitchen in the St. Patty’s Day spirit.

10 Ways to Create a Green Kitchen:

  • Use a dishwasher to wash your dishes, if you have one — they use less water than hand-washing (provided the dishwasher is full and on its most efficient setting).
  • Use cloth towels instead of paper towels to clean up messes. You’ll use less water and save money too!
  • Consider composting you food scraps in a bin near your sink. Compost makes great, free fertilizer for your plants. You can compost nearly all of your left-overs including, egg shells, coffee grounds, fruits, vegetables, and much more. Just remember to never compost meat.
  • Consider replacing innefficient kitchen appliances with new, energy-efficient ones.
  • Install foam insulation gaskets behind your electrical outlets.
  • Use energy-efficient lighting options such as CFLs and LEDs.
  • Instead of opening your oven, use your oven light to check up on your cooking.
  • Keep the fridge and freezer full — less cold air will escape when you open the door.
  • Set your fridge to 36-39 degrees F and your freezer to 0-5 degrees F.
  • Use your microwave when you can. Your oven and stove consume quite a bit more energy.

Everyone at Larry & Sons wishes you a happy and “green” St. Patrick’s Day! To learn more about how to make your home more energy efficient, don’t hesitate to call Larry & Sons home experts at 301-733-5428.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to schedule your annual air conditioning tune-up before the cooling season hits full force. An green, energy-efficient home starts with your HVAC system.

With our maintenance plan, we’ll remind you of your annual tune-up, provide 15% off all repairs, and much more!

To learn about all the areas in your home where you could be saving, schedule a professional home energy audit in Maryland with Larry & Sons  — 301-733-5428.

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