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Main Service Panel Upgrades & Circuit Breakers

electrical upgrades hagerstown mdModern families rely on electrical appliances and devices now more than ever before. In fact, the demand is so great that your home may not be capable of handling the amount of power you need. The best way to solve this common problem is to upgrade your main electrical panel. At Larry & Sons, we offer main service panel upgrades and circuit breakers in Hagerstown and the surrounding areas, and we can make sure you have all the power you could ever need.

Even homes built just a decade ago were not designed to accommodate all the electric devices we rely on every single day. We have electrical devices and appliances in just about every room of the house, and it’s important to make sure your home can handle the load.

Upgrading your main electrical panel to ensure that it is capable of delivering the power is a safe and effective solution for your electrical woes. If you are planning an addition or renovating your home, you will likely need a panel upgrade to provide enough power to the newly added circuits. Upgrading your main service panel also allows you to:

  • Install additional outlets and switches
  • Reduce the draw on overloaded breakers that trip frequently
  • Reduce overcrowding on outlets
  • Provide sufficient power for large electric appliance
  • Provide power for additions and remodeling

At Larry & Sons, our Hagerstown electricians have the knowledge and experience to upgrade any electrical panel safely and effectively. We can also help with installing and upgrading circuit breakers to protect your home from electrical overloads and short circuits.

As your Hagerstown electrician, we are here to help with all of your main service panel upgrade and circuit breaker needs in the Hagerstown area. To schedule an appointment, please contact us today by calling 301-733-5428.

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