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Electrical Wiring and Rewiring in Maryland, Pennylvania, and West Virginia

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Whether you need to have wiring installed in a newly built home or you are looking to rewire your aging home, you need help from an expert. At Larry & Sons, our expert Hagerstown electricians are here for all of your residential wiring and rewiring needs.

Our electricians are professionally licensed, insured, and bonded, and you can depend on them for high-quality electrical services that will not break your budget.

Signs You Need Whole-Home Rewiring

Your wiring will give you warning signs that it’s wearing out. If you notice any of the following, we recommend contacting our team to schedule a full inspection without delay:

  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Bulbs frequently burn out
  • Sparking outlets
  • Discoloration around switches and outlets
  • Burning odors
  • Power fluctuations
  • Electrical shocks when touching outlets

Contact Larry & Sons at (301) 733-5428 to speak with our electricians about the problems you are having with your electrical systems, and we’ll determine if rewiring is the right solution.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician for Wiring Services

Wiring is a complicated and labor-intensive project. Working with electricity can also be extremely dangerous, especially when you do not have the proper training and safety equipment.

Whether you are wiring or rewiring an entire home or just running a new outlet, you need help from a licensed electrician. For professional wiring and rewiring in Hagerstown, depend on the expert electricians at Larry & Sons. You will never have to worry about faulty wiring that could cause injury or a fire hazard.

We also offer aluminum wiring repair or replacement services.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement in Hagerstown

Aluminum wiring is most common in homes built between the 1960s and 1970s. While it is less expensive than copper, aluminum wiring is not as safe and reliable as copper wiring.

Many residential fires in the United States each year are related to faulty aluminum wiring. As aluminum wires age, they become less stable and reliable, thus increasing the fire hazard.

Because of this, we strongly recommend replacing aluminum wires before they fail and cause a potentially catastrophic fire.

Contact Larry & Sons at (301) 733-5428 to speak with our team about aluminum wiring and the steps we take to remove and replace it with safe, reliable copper alternatives.

Appliance Wiring in Hagerstown

We use dedicated circuits and other features to ensure your system provides safe, reliable electricity for all your needs. As licensed electricians, we always maintain safety and electrical code compliance with every project, including:

  • Generator wiring: We’ll ensure your backup power generator is installed correctly so that you have reliable protection against blackouts and brownouts.
  • Ceiling fan wiring: We can install ceiling fans in practically any room. We’ll ensure the fan is installed correctly to deliver the cool comfort you desire.
  • Pool, hot tub, and spa wiring: We are happy to help you relax and will carefully install all the wires your pool lights, sound systems, hot tub heaters, and other features require.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting wiring: We can install wiring for flood lights, path lights, landscaping lights, smart lighting systems, and more.

We also offer wiring services for smoke alarms, cable boxes, phones, home theater systems, and more.

Contact Larry & Sons at (301) 733-5428 to schedule electrical service. We are happy to answer your questions and help you find the ideal solution for your needs. 

Choose Larry & Sons for Wiring & Rewiring Services in Hagerstown

When you choose Larry & Sons for the job, you can rest assured knowing that it will be done correctly. We abide by all electrical codes when installing and updating wiring, and we take your family’s safety seriously.

Larry & Sons has proudly served local communities near Hagerstown for more than 50 years. We offer reasonable rates and are available 24/7 for emergency services in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, including cities in:

  • Frederick County, MD
  • Washington County, MD
  • Adams County, PA
  • Franklin County, PA
  • Fulton County, PA
  • Berkeley County, WV
  • Jefferson County, WV

Contact us online or call (301) 733-5428 to request electrical wiring and rewiring in Hagerstown and the surrounding communities.

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