Reduce the Risk of Repairs with Drain Maintenance

Plumbing systems are a staple of every household, and most homeowners are accustomed to the reality of occasionally having to unclog the drains. If you’re having problems with your drain, there are plumbing services in Chambersburg PA with plenty of qualified plumbers ready to clear them up for you, but far better than repairing it is setting up a routine maintenance schedule for your system. Not only can you reduce the risk of repairs with drain maintenance, but you can help your system perform more efficiently as a result.

The maintenance service itself doesn’t address any specific problem. Rather, it’s kind of a tune-up session designed to catch multiple problems before they start. The technician arrives and performs a standard inspection of the drains, using a miniature video camera sent down the pipes to get a unique “inside” view of any problems. He or she can then note particular trouble spots, such as leaky spots or areas where build-up may eventually clog the system. With that knowledge in mind, he or she can then perform a general drain cleaning designed to remove any build up, as well as getting rid of tree roots and other potential mischief maker before they infiltrate your system. If further repairs are needed, you can schedule a session at your leisure: picking a time that works with your busy schedule rather than being forced to make time because of a plumbing emergency.

It’s not hard to see how you can reduce the risk of repairs with drain maintenance. By catching little problems before they have a chance to grow into big ones, the technician improves efficiency and helps your system perform at its peak. Even if repairs are needed, they’re likely to be less expensive than they might otherwise be: putting money back in your pocket and reducing the time spent on such repairs. If you’d like to set up a regular maintenance session for your drain, Chambersburg PA has the perfect service with Larry & Sons, Inc. Give us a call today to make an appointment, and let us help you keep your plumbing system running the way you need it to!

As a Chambersburg, PA Plumber: Is Corrosion a Serious Problem?

Corrosion is something that no homeowner wants to deal with. Corrosion occurs naturally and it can be a very serious problem. It can do huge damage to your home’s plumbing system, and you will need a professional plumber to diagnosis and repair your pipes. Here at Larry and Sons, we offer fast and reliable plumbing services and we can help you with any sort of repair. We wanted to put together a quick explanation of the common causes of corrosion and how you can prevent it.

Corrosion can occur at pipe joints where two different metals connect. In older homes, we often see copper pipes and steel pipes connected. In this case, the steel will usually start to corrode as electrons from the copper enter it.

But corrosion can also occur between your pipes and the soil and between your pipes and the water passing through it. This is one reason why many homes are piped with plastic or PVC. These types of materials are highly resistant to corrosion and tend to last a very long time.

If your pipes start to corrode it can cause big problems for your home. Not only will you have water leaks, but you may also experience a drop in water pressure. If your pipes are corroding you will undoubtedly need a professional plumber to examine the problem. Your plumber may be able to replace the corroded section of pipe. In extreme cases, they may have to repipe the entire house.

If you need a  plumber in Chambersburg, PA, make sure that you call the plumbing experts at Larry & Sons.

Ask a Chambersburg, PA Plumber: How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Leaks, clogs, blockages, smells, burst pipes, and water damage are all potential issues for your plumbing system. Unfortunately, we often take our plumbing for granted, and that means we only notice it when problems arise that we are forced to deal with. But many plumbing problems can be avoided with by changing our habits ever so slightly. In this post, we’d like to focus on several things you can do to prevent clogged drains. When you need a Chambersburg, PA plumber to come take a look at your plumbing issue, call Larry & Sons!

  • Avoid putting grease and other substances down your drains: Grease, as well as animal fats and oils, is a notorious drain clogging substance. While it may look shiny and liquid when it’s hot in the pan, as soon as it reaches your cool pipes, it will quickly turn into a sticky, gel-like wad that sticks to the interior surface of your piping. This attracts other bits of food and debris and fairly soon you may have a blockage deep within your drainpipes. By avoiding putting such materials down your drain entirely, you can avoid many problems with your drains, including clogs.
  • Schedule drain inspection and cleaning: If you’ve never had your drains cleaned, then you might like to prevent clogged drains by scheduling a video camera inspection and cleaning service. It’s a great pre-emptive maneuver that will also increase the longevity of your plumbing and allow a pro to address any other problems that may have arisen during the course of its service life.  
  • Use hair and food stopper: Again, by controlling what goes down your drain, you can avoid many problems that arise as a result of accumulated debris. Two simple devices known as stoppers can help you prevent clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom. Hair and scraps of food can begin to congeal into partial blockages fairly easy over time.

Make sure you take care of your plumbing system, and it will take care of you. When you need a Chambersburg, PA plumber, call Larry & Sons today!

Chambersburg, PA Plumber’s Guide: How Septic Systems Work

Your drain and sewer system is responsible for the disposal of your wastewater outside of your home and into your municipal waste management system or into your septic tank. The septic tank is responsible for sifting through the organic waste, and allowing the water to drain into the drain field. Knowing the ins and outs of your private water treatment system can go a long way towards recognizing when it’s not operating properly. And this is the first step to solve your septic tank problems. The next step is calling your local septic system expert for repair and maintenance services. Larry & Sons offers comprehensive plumbing services in the Chambersburg, PA area. Call us today!

A septic tank is a large concrete or steel tank buried in your yard. It typically holds about 1000 gallons of water. There is an input receiving waste from the home and an output moving water into the drain field. The key to a properly operating septic tank is the way it separates your organic waste into distinct layers. Scum floats to the top and sludge to the bottom. The majority of the contents is relatively clear water, which contains nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria, and chemicals. This is basically what the inside of your septic tank looks like. Now what, you may ask, prevents the gases of your septic from venting back up through your house? Most homes have a ventilation pipe through which the gases exhaust, as they are blocked by the loops of pipe known as P-traps.

The various branches that collect the wastewater from your kitchen and bathroom band together into a large disposal pipe that leads to the septic tank. New water displaces the old, and pushes it out into the drain field, which is basically a trench full of perforated pipes and gravel. Septic tanks are powered by gravity, which is why it’s known as a passive system.

We hope that helps to clarify some of your questions and concerns about the basics of the home septic tank, although they will vary depending on the size of your home and its property layout. For all of your septic tank installation, repairs, and maintenance in Chambersburg, PA, call Larry & Sons .