Indications of Trouble with Your Water Main

Plumbing issues can sometimes sneak up on you, especially when they take place out of sight. It’s one thing to call in the cavalry when water is leaking across your kitchen floor, but it’s something else entirely when the problem can’t even be seen. This is especially the case with your water main, which is usually buried underground and which won’t let you know there is a problem until it’s too late. When you spot the issue, you can call in a professional, but first you need to know the indications of trouble with your water main. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the more obvious symptoms.

  • Back-ups and clogs. A clogged water main means that water can’t drain properly out of your house, which usually evinces itself with clogs and back-ups throughout the home. Local clogs tend to affect only the sink or toilet in question. If the back-up occurs throughout the house, however, it’s usually a clog in the water main itself. You can also spot it by flushing the toilet and watching for back-up arising from a nearby sink or shower.
  • Greener yards. If a water line breaches, it’s apt to feed some of the plant life in your yard. This means patches of green grass or unusually healthy shrubs growing in the spot near the leak. If such patches stand out – that is, if they look healthier and more robust than other parts of the yard – you ought to look into it.
  • Loss of water pressure. The biggest sign of a breach in your water main comes with an overall loss of pressure in your fixtures at home. This is probably most obvious in the shower, but you can also notice a lower flow of water in tour sinks and toilets as well.

If you spot indications of trouble in your water main, contact the professionals at Larry & Sons, Inc. immediately. Our Frederick, MD plumbing experts are on-hand to assist you, and we won’t rest until the issue is properly dealt with.

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