Ways to Help Avoid Septic System Repairs

A septic system is a way to drain wastewater from your house if you don’t have access to a municipal sewage treatment plant through a main sewer line. Septic systems, consisting of a tank that separates solid waste (containing bacteria and other disease-causing organisms) from wastewater and a drainfield that filters the wastewater through the soil, are durable systems that will last for many years without homeowners needing to think about them much.

However, you need to take some care of the system to avoid repairs. A malfunctioning septic system can turn into a nuisance and sometimes even a danger because of waste entering the soil or seeping back into your home. But there are two key ways you can keep away repairs from your Frederick, MD septic system. We’ll look at them here.

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The two ways to prevent septic repair problems

  1. Regular septic pumping: The solid waste that builds up as sludge at the bottom of the septic tanks needs to have regular pumping to remove it so it doesn’t back up the sewer lines. How often a tank needs pumping depends on its size, age, and volume of waste it receives. In general, the tank should be pumped when the sludge takes up about 25–33% of the tank. This will occur every 2–3 years for most septic systems. If you notice slow drains or a sewage odor in your house, you may need to have the pumping done sooner! Call in septic system professionals to pump out the tank; always err on the side of caution when making the choice.
  2. Do not put certain items into the tank: There are a number of household waste items that you should never put down sinks or toilets because of the damage they can do to the septic system. Liquid grease, oil, and fat will create waxy build-up inside the system. Other items to avoid are many household cleaners and detergents: anything with anti-bacterial properties will eliminate bacteria in the tank that eats away at the solids and slows down sludge build-up. Paints, cotton swabs, and plastic are also items that should go in the trash, not the septic tank.

Schedule your regular septic tank service

Call Larry & Sons, Inc. today and sign up for regular septic services that will pump out the tank and make sure the system is operating without major problems. On our first visit, we will help you determine how often you will need to have the tank pumped in order to maintain it in good condition. We’ll help make sure your Frederick, MD septic system last for many years, doing its job without attracting attention.