HVAC Protection & Tips for Extreme Cold

We all know that it can get incredibly cold around here in the winter. At Larry & Sons, we want to make sure that your heater works well, no matter how cold it gets. Here are our top tips for keeping that heat on all winter long, even on the coldest days.

Turn the Thermostat Down

Reduce strain on your furnace by turning down the temperature 3-5 degrees. Sure, you’ll be chillier at home, but you will have a lower risk of a heater failure, which can end with frozen pipes. Use space heaters or put on extra layers to make up the difference.

Keep Exhaust Vents Clean & Clear

Your furnace vents outside your home. Find these vents, then keep them clear of snow, ice, and other debris. Clogs in these vents lower the efficiency of your furnace and can, eventually, stop it from working at all. If you can’t find your vents, contact us and we’ll come find them for you!

Check Your Filter

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: change your furnace filter regularly. It’s even more important when your furnace is under extra stress because it’s colder than normal outside. Reduce strain on the unit by changing your filter more often or at least by checking it regularly.

If your furnace is struggling to keep up this winter or you’re worried about what might happen if it gets colder than usual, reach out to us at Larry & Sons. We’ll come take a look at your furnace, fix anything that isn’t working, and get you the peace of mind you need this winter.

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Protecting Your HVAC System From Extreme Cold

During normal cold snaps, your HVAC system should work just fine. But if the temperature changes drastically or the outdoor unit gets covered with ice and snow, you can face an emergency shut-off scenario. This can cause temps to drop significantly in your home and could result in frozen pipes and other problems. Avoid this by taking the following steps.

Build a Wall

If your outdoor HVAC unit isn’t protected enough by the structure of your home, build a wall around it so snow can’t drift up against it. Make sure you leave plenty of room for airflow, though.

You may also be able to solve drifting and snow buildup problems by putting your HVAC unit on a platform. This keeps it above normal snow accumulation levels.

Get Out the Shovel

Dig around your HVAC unit and continue to do so as long as the snow falls. Even a small trench can save you quite a bit of hassle and money later on.

Look Out Below

Make sure that your gutters aren’t overflowing or emptying onto your outdoor HVAC unit and that icicles or snow dams aren’t building up over it. These can all fall and damage the unit, or cause it to get encased in ice.

Taking a few minutes a day during extreme weather can help keep your HVAC system running well and your home warm. Contact us at Larry & Sons if you have any questions or if, despite your best efforts, your HVAC system has problems this winter.

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