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How to Insulate Your Water Heater

How to Insulate Your Water Heater Save money this winter by insulating your water heater. It doesn’t take long and it can save you a lot of money on energy costs. Find an Insulating Blanket Designed for Water Heaters Your utility company may give these away, or you can find them at your local hardware store. Turn Off Your Water Heater Before you start, shut off the water and the power to your water heater. Wrap Your Tank Wrap the...
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Stay Warmer with DIY Window Insulation

Stay Warmer with DIY Window Insulation Did you know that insulating your windows can help keep the heat inside all winter long. It also keeps the cold out so you don’t get uncomfortable at home and don’t have to pay exorbitant heating costs. DIY window insulation goes on the inside of your windows. It may attach to your window frame to create a bubble on the inside of the window. Other types can stick directly to your windows and use...
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Triple Play Tune Up Special!*

Heating/Cooling System Tune Up Hot Water Heater Flush Furnace Inspection *THIS SPECIAL HAS ENDED Ready to call us at Larry & Sons to for a tune up, water heater flush or furnace inspection? Get special rates if you schedule early this fall with our Triple Play tune up! This Triple Play service call includes: A Full Heating/Cooling System Tune UpHot Water Heater Flush& a Complete Furnace Inspection When you book early, you SAVE! We're offering special discounted rates on this...
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Start Thinking About Your Heater Now!

Start Thinking About Your Heater Now! Sure, it’s still hot outside, but it’s time to start preparing your heater for winter now. If you start thinking about it now, you won’t have to worry about whether or not it’s ready when the cold weather comes. Here’s what the heating service experts at Larry & Sons can do to help your heater work well this winter: Change Your Filter We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it until everyone changes...
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Will Updating My Air Conditioning Add to My Home’s Value?

So many people ask us whether updating their air conditioning will add to their home’s value! It’s a good question, too! Here’s what we have to say on the matter. It depends. When Should I Update My A/C? There are a few important factors to consider when it comes to air conditioning and home value. Is your system working? If your system isn’t working and you’ve been living without air conditioning, you should definitely install a new system before you...
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