Warnings That You May Need Septic Tank Replacement

The septic tank is the part of your home’s plumbing that you probably think about the least, but it’s one you want to think about the most when something goes amiss and it needs repairs, or in extreme cases, replacement. For this extensive work, you need plumbers with special training and expertise.

Larry & Sons, Inc. does many types of services for Frederick, MD septic tanks, from installation to maintenance, and you should make us your first call when you think you have major issues with your septic tank.

Let’s look at the most extreme scenario: your aging septic tank requires a complete replacement. There are some signs to watch for that might indicate replacement is a possibility. Regardless of the eventual outcome, any of the signs require that you call in septic tank repair professionals.

  • Vibrant, green grass: Although this sounds like an attractive side-effect, it’s one of the major warnings that you have extensive septic tank leakage. If an area of grass or turf looks like it’s growing faster than adjacent vegetation and taking on a brighter hue, it means the fertilizing properties of leakage from the tank is promoting the growth.
  • Strong odors from the lawn: The sewage material released from a septic tank is called effluent, and the decomposition of its gases will rise rapidly up through the soil over the tank, emerging as unpleasant sewage odors. If the smells are coming from a large region, it often means catastrophic damage to the tank.
  • Pooling of effluent: If lawn odors lead you to soggy pools with powerful sewage smells, then you need professional assistance immediately. This leakage can pose potential health threats to you and your family, and the weight of saturated soil could cause the roof of the septic tank to collapse.
  • Indoor plumbing issues: As septic tanks fail, they trigger problems within your indoor drainage system. Slow drains in sinks and toilets, frequent drain clogs, gurgling sounds from drains after water goes down them, sewer odors entering the house: if you notice any of these, check the lawn for the three signs above, and then call for a plumber. Even if you see nothing wrong on your lawn, you still need to call in professional plumbers, because you may have a septic line break.

The U.S. EPA warns that you should never enter a septic tank on your own; call Frederick, MD septic repair and replacement specialists who can safely perform the necessary work. Contact Larry & Sons, Inc., and we will also take care of the disposal of your old septic system during the replacement.