Triple Play Tune Up Special!*

Heating/Cooling System Tune Up

Hot Water Heater Flush

Furnace Inspection

99 Triple Play


Ready to call us at Larry & Sons to for a tune up, water heater flush or furnace inspection? Get special rates if you schedule early this fall with our Triple Play tune up! This Triple Play service call includes:

  • A Full Heating/Cooling System Tune Up
  • Hot Water Heater Flush
  • & a Complete Furnace Inspection

When you book early, you SAVE! We’re offering special discounted rates on this Triple Play, where the earlier you call us, the more money you’ll save on keeping your home in good shape:

Book between 9/1 & 9/30 & get our Triple Play special for only $79.

Book between 10/1 & 10/15 & get our Triple Play special for only $89.

Book between 10/16 & 10/30 & get our Triple Play special for only $99.

This special has ended, but here are just a few of the benefits you stand to reap when you schedule your Triple Play Service:

Save Money On Energy Costs

Using less energy is also good for your wallet. If you don’t use as much energy, your bills will be lower every month! Getting your heating system or air conditioner tuned up will help fix any small problems that could be causing your system to work harder than it should be, which will save you money.

Having a full furnace inspection done while we’re at your home will help us identify any issues that your furnace has that would make it work harder than it has to. If we find something that needs fixing, we can come out now so you save money this winter on your heating bill!

Getting your water heater flushed removes the sediment that has been built up from hard water from your system. The less sediment there is, the more efficiently your water heater can run, and will ensure you can keep taking long hot showers without spiking your energy bill.

Save Wear and Tear

When your heating or cooling system is working efficiently, it won’t have to work extra hard to cool or heat your air effectively. This saves wear and tear on the moving parts of your system, and can extend the life of your system

A full furnace inspection from our pros will allow us to identify current wear and tear on your furnace, which means we can catch anything running inefficiently or something that could be actively damaging your furnace. if we find anything, our furnace service experts will get you up and running in no time!

Sediment that is deposited inside of a water heater starts to cause buildup, which eventually can start to wear on your water heater. If this buildup isn’t properly drained, it can damage parts of your water heater, or even risk bursting the tank!

Avoid Emergency Repairs

When we do full HVAC system tune ups, we look for any potential problems. If we see anything that is broken or breaking, we’ll notify you and work with you to get everything fixed right away. Fixing problems ahead of time means that you are less likely to suddenly wake up one morning to find that you need an emergency repair.

While inspecting your furnace, we will be able to quickly identify anything that could be potentially harming your furnace. If we find something wrong, we will be able to create a plan to fix it before your furnace won’t turn on this winter, leading to you needing an emergency repair.

Water heaters are something you rely on every day, and you can sometimes forget how important they are until you suddenly turn on the shower and there’s no hot water. When we do a flush, we will make sure that your water heater is running efficiently so you don’t have to worry about a freezing shower!

Do Good By the Planet

Getting your heating and cooling system tuned up & flushing your water heater will help make your unit work more efficiently. This leads to lower energy usage, which is great for the planet. And when we inspect your furnace, we will be able to identify any high energy problems that might occur, so you don’t have to turn it on as often.

Call Larry & Sons for our Triple Play Special!

Don’t put off your home’s well being. When you call Larry & Sons for a Triple Play service call, you’ll know your home is ready for fall, and you’ll know you got the best deal possible when you do it now. Contact us today get lower rates while these deals last.

*Only valid with work performed. Must be presented at time of purchase. Not to be combined with other offers or membership program. Not valid on previous purchases. Conditions apply. $30 additional costs for oil systems. Call for details. Expires September 30, 2020.