Some Common Septic Problems

The septic system connected to your house does the job of removing waste, separating the disease-causing pathogens in the waste inside a tank, and then releasing the cleansed and purified water into the soil as usable groundwater through a drain field. (Sometimes the term “septic tank” is used to refer to the entire septic system, although it’s actually only one component.) For a septic system to work properly, it must have routine maintenance to pump out the sludge that develops along the bottom of the tank after the pathogens-filled waste is separated from the water.

Septic problems are rare as long as the system received regular maintenance. But septic repair needs can turn serious when they happen, threatening your plumbing as well as your family’s health. If you spot patches of bright green grass on your lawn over where the tank is buried, or if clogs begin to occur throughout your drains, call for septic repair in Greencastle, MD immediately. Larry & Sons, Inc. has specialists with septic tank repairs ready to assist you.

Problems you may encounter with your septic system

  • Leaking tank or broken lines: The tank of your septic system must remain perfectly sealed so none of the waste inside the tank escapes. Because the must have time time for the waste to settle, leaks from it can release disease-causing organisms into the ground. One of the common ways for these leaks to occur is because of root infiltration into the tank: roots are naturally drawn toward water and nutrients and can work their way into the tank and cause it to leak. Professionals will use camera inspection equipment to find where the problems lie and identify what needs to be fixed.
  • Grease blockage: This occurs if too much grease enters the septic system, which usually originates from kitchen drains. (Important kitchen tip: do not pour liquid grease, fat, or oil down the sinks. Remove these liquids to a trash receptacle.) The thick waxy material from grease, oil, and fat will clog the septic drainfield, stopping the soil from absorbing liquids. If left unclogged, this may require installing a new drainfield.
  • Sludge build-up: This is the most common cause for septic tank backups, and the main reason you need to have regular septic system maintenance to pump the tank. If the sludge level along the bottom of the tank continues to rise, it will eventually block the incoming lines, and the backup of sewage will start to enter your house. Have the tank pumped as soon as possible.

Move fast on any issue with your septic tank before it becomes a health concern or begins to damage your property. Call Larry & Sons, Inc. for quality septic tank services in Greencastle, MD. We have more than 50 years of history helping people maintain and repair their septic systems.