Shippensburg, PA Plumbing Tip: Types of Bathroom Sinks for Your Remodel

A remodeled bathroom can take a lot of work, but many times the effort is worth it. Bathroom remodeling efforts can improve the resale value of your home, helping to pay for the costs involved. A bathroom sink is a key part of a remodel. A plumbing experts can provide advice on the style and model of sink to choose from. Styles can vary wildly, with options available for just about any aesthetic choice. But when it comes to types of bathroom sinks for your remodel, the options are a little clearer.

  • Wall-mounted sinks. These are mounted directly to the wall, with the plumbing hidden inside the wall and empty space beneath. They suffer from a lack of counter space, but can be readily positioned almost anywhere, and don’t need a lot of space to set up. They also make attractive options for people who use wheelchairs because they can be adjusted in height
  • Self-rimmed or “vanity” sinks. These sinks are fitted into a specific space in a counter or vanity top in your bathroom. The sink is fitted into a hole in the top of the counter, with the sink bowl dropping down below the countertop and the pipes hidden beneath. This has the advantage of allowing additional counter space for use with your sink, as well as providing aesthetic integration of the sink with the surrounding space.
  • Pedestal sinks. Pedestal sinks are similar to wall-mounted sinks, only they have a single narrow platform that supports the sink and contains the pipes. They are bulkier than wall-mounted sinks and lack the counter space of vanity sinks, but they have greater versatility in placement. They require less space than a vanity sink.

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