Gettysburg Plumber’s Guide: Environmental Benefits of Trenchless Repair

Pipe replacement is a messy business. For decades, the only real way to do it was to rumble in with a big machine (or men with plenty of shovels) and dig up your Gettysburg property to access the leaking, cracked pipe. However, with modern technology, trenchless pipe repair and replacement is now possible and while the biggest benefits are to your wallet and your lawn, you might also be interested to know how environmentally friendly the process is.

Less Resources Needed

Have you ever seen someone digging up a pipeline? The equipment needed is impressive. Backhoes, trucks and multiple workers to get the old pipe out of the ground and a new one in. And once the process is completed, the concrete and lawn destroyed by the digging need to be replaced. It’s a very invasive procedure.

With trenchless technology, most of those resources are not needed. This means less fuel used to power large machines, less destruction of your property and no impact on the roadway or sidewalks that would require paving once completed.

Existing Pipe Pathways

Have you ever considered the impact a pipe line being laid has on the ecosystem beneath your property? Digging up all that space and displacing plants, animals and insects alike can have a tremendously negative impact on the micro-ecology on your property.

Trenchless replacement allows a plumber to use the existing pipe pathway beneath your property, which avoids displacing anything with fresh digging. It also doesn’t impact the plants or trees growing on your property. You gain a new pipe line without any damage to the carefully manicured landscaping you’ve done on your property.

Minimal Subsoil Impact

Even when laying new pipes, trenchless technology only affects the space underground where the pipe will be laid. This tears up far less of the subsoil which has a less extensive environmental impact on the water shed around your home.

There really is no reason to use a traditional exhume and pull pipe replacement method when trenchless technology makes it possible to just as easily replace the pipes for the same or less money and minimal environmental impact. Depending on your circumstances and the scope of the work that needs to be done, your pipe repair or replacement may be significantly better served with trenchless technologies.

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