Common Repairs You May Need for Your Septic System

For homes that do not have access to a municipal sewer system and waste treatment plant, a septic system is indispensable for removal of wastewater from a home. As with any waste disposal system, a septic system must remain in good repair so that it works efficiently, keeps your home and property clean, and does not cause health risk from exposure to bacteria and waste solids.

Septic systems will need occasional repairs, although with regular septic tank pumping and maintenance you can avoid the majority of malfunctions. You certainly do not want to tamper with your septic tank, septic lines, or the drainfield on your own, so call up the local septic repair service in Williamsport, MD: Larry & Sons, Inc. We’ve helped plumbing in our community since 1960.

Some Common Septic System Repairs

  • Emergency tank pumping: A septic tank requires pumping at least annually to remove the solid sludge that develops along the bottom of the tank as it filters out waste from the water before moving it into the drainfield. Sometimes a tank will need to have immediate pumping because the level of sludge has risen high enough to block the intake and outtake lines, leading to sewage backing up into the house or entering the drainfield and then rising up through the ground.
  • Fixing drainfield piping: The pipes of the drainfield that distribute the water after it passes through the septic tank can sometimes break because of shifting in the ground, the growth of tree roots, or construction on the ground above. Pipe problems in the drainfield will cause severe drainage issues. The drainfield will need excavation to repair the broken pipes.
  • Replacing broken septic baffles: The baffles inside a septic tank are designed to prevent solid material from exiting the tank and entering the drainfield. The baffles can become damaged from sulfuric acid or rust, and when this happens you will need professionals to replace them. Septic baffle problems are often early warning signs of a full septic tank failure; your technician will be able to tell you good long term solutions.

At Larry & Sons, Inc., we handle a full range of services for septic systems, from maintenance to complete replacements. We can determine if you will benefit from repairs, or if the time has come to install a new septic tank. Give us a call whenever you need septic tank services in Williamsport, MD, or to arrange for regular maintenance and tank pumping that will give your system a long and useful life.