Getting Your Bathroom Back-to-School Ready

As the kids head back to school for a new year, many frazzled parents are looking for ways to make their lives and homes more organized. The morning rush is one of the most chaotic parts of the day, and since the bathroom is the center of a lot of the action, bathroom organization only makes sense.


Check out these helpful bathroom plumbing tips for a more efficient bathroom this school yet.

Back-to-School Bathroom Tips

  1. Tackle the Clutter. Bathroom drawers and cabinets quickly attract all kinds of clutter, and when they’re overflowing, it’s difficult to find exactly what you need. Before the new school year begins, sort through everything, and get rid of expired personal care products and medications. Sort everything you need to keep into small bins or organizers. If possible, give each person his or her own drawer where they can store their essentials.
  2. Make Use of Shelves. If drawer, counter and cabinet space is limited in your bathroom, utilize shelving. Shelves are easy to install, and they make it simple to control the clutter. They’re perfect for storing bulky items like towels, washcloths and personal care items to keep them off the counter.
  3. Invest in an Upgrade. If your old, outdated bathroom isn’t functional for your family, maybe it’s time to consider upgrading. With and Larry & Sons, you can have a brand new bathroom in as little as one day. With bathroom remodeling products, we can make your old bathroom look like new and add additional storage for more organized mornings.

Hagerstown Bathroom Remodeling

At Larry & Sons, we are proud to offer one-day Hagerstown bathroom remodeling using only the finest products. products come with a limited lifetime warranty, and they cost a lot less than you may think. To find out how we can make your bathroom more functional, contact us today by calling 301-733-5428.