8 Hacks for an Amazing Bathroom

You don’t have to be rich to turn your bathroom into your favorite room in your house. If a total bathroom remodel isn’t in the budget right now, check out these cheap bathroom hacks that will surely have you singing a happy tune in the shower!

Bathroom Hacks

Install a Curved Shower Rod

Curved Shower Rod

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Shower feeling a bit cramped? Replacing your standard shower curtain rod with a curved one gives you some elbow room and makes your shower feel roomier without actually taking up any additional space in your bathroom.

Create a Grander Feel with Two Shower Curtains

Two Shower Curtains

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The most basic, boring bathtub looks grander with two shower curtains instead of one. For small bathtubs and tub/shower combos in small bathrooms, cut a single curtain in half and hem the edges.

Use a Second Shower Rod for Additional Storage

Second Shower Curtain Rod

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Install a second shower road on the back wall of your shower, and add some hooks for additional storage space. Use the hooks to hang baskets, loofahs and more.

Give Yourself the Spa Experience

Pebble Bath Mat

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With an outdoor rubber mat with drainage holes, waterproof sealer and smooth stones from the dollar store, you can make a DIY pebble mat that will transform your bathroom into a natural oasis.

Turn a Cheap Dresser into a Stunning Vanity

Dresser Vanity

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A cheap dresser from the flea market or one that you’ve had sitting in storage can be transformed into a beautiful and functional vanity. Learn how here.

Get the Look of Granite without the Price Tag

Painted Granite Counter

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Did you know that you can transform your plain countertops with an easy-to-use granite paint kit? Countertop paint kits come with everything you need to beautify ugly and outdated countertops at a fraction of the price of upgrading to the real thing.

Add a Touch of Glamour

Crystal Decanter

Ditch the plastic bottles, and pour mouthwash, hair products and cleansers into attractive glass or crystal containers. Whether you opt for crystal decanters or you go for something a bit more budget friendly like upcycled glass beverage bottles, this simple trick adds a bit of luxury to any bathroom.

Get a Great Deal on Remodeling

Hagerstown Bathroom Remodel

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