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Do Heat Pumps Work for Air Conditioning? A Question From Waynecastle

It’s possible that in the course of your search for a new air conditioning system in Waynecastle, you read or were told about heat pumps. Doesn’t sound right, does it - heat pumps providing cooling for your home? Regardless of the seeming misnomer, heat pumps are actually much older and more reliable cooling technology than you know. And once you understand how these units work, the name makes much more sense. What Is a Heat Pump? Technically every refrigerant containing...
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Key Components for Annual Maintenance of Your HVAC System: A Guide From Martinsburg

Annual service checkups are an important component of your HVAC system’s ongoing operation in your Martinsburg home. Without these checkups, the system may not run properly when the hottest days of the summer are upon you. While there are some tasks you can perform yourself, most of the vital maintenance tasks need to be performed by a professional annually. As you look for a contractor to perform your annual maintenance, make sure you find someone who will perform each of the...
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