Protect Your Pet from Electrical Hazards

Did you know that everyday electronics have the potential to be dangerous to your pets? Many pet owners don’t think about these potential hazards until it’s too late. Here’s what you can do today to keep your pet safe around your house.

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Tuck Your Cords Away

Electrical cords seem to draw pets who like to chew on them. No matter how hard you work to train your pets not to chew on your cables, their presence will always be a temptation. That’s why you should tuck your electrical cords out of the way, where your pets can’t easily see or access them. That way, they’ll hopefully choose something else to chew on.

Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Some pets like to pick up electronics and carry them around the house. Keep your pet safe by unplugging and turning off your electronic devices when they aren’t in use. Your pet might still destroy a device, but they are less likely to get injured during the process if the device doesn’t have any power.

Know What To Do in an Emergency

If your pet does get electrocuted, make sure you unplug and take away the electrical components they got into. Then assess your pet for damage. Check pulse and breathing and look for burns. If there are signs that your pet was electrocuted, contact your vet or take them to an emergency vet for assessment. No matter what, continue monitoring your pet for 24-48 hours.

Your Pet Friendly HVAC Company

Keeping pets safe around electricity usually just requires some planning ahead. If you need help making your electricity safe for your pet, contact us at Larry & Sons today. And for a Hagerstown electrician, or electrical services in the surrounding areas, be sure to call us at Larry & Sons. In case your furry companion does get into your wiring, we are the trusted experts for wiring and re-wiring in Hagerstown– give us a call!