Should I Use an Energy-Efficient Space Heater or Turn On My Furnace?

woman cold in home, waiting for Hagerstown furnace to turn on

As winter approaches, we get a lot of questions about the best and most efficient way to heat your home. While nearly all of us will eventually turn on our furnaces in Hagerstown soon, some people like to wait longer than others to do that. Here are some guidelines for when you might need and want to do that.

How Much Space are You Heating?

The answer to this question is key to determining whether you should use a space heater or your furnace. If you are just heating one or two small rooms, then a space heater will be your best option.

However, if your rooms have high or vaulted ceilings, if they cannot be closed off from other rooms, or if you’re going to have to run more than 2-3 space heaters to stay warm, then it’s time to turn on the furnace instead.

How Cold Is It In Your Home?

If you only need to raise the temperature by a few degrees, then a space heater might do the job for you just fine. However, if you need to warm your home up quite a bit, then the furnace might be the fastest and most efficient way to do that.

How Energy-Efficient are Your Space Heaters?

If your space heaters are super energy-efficient, you may use them when others would turn on their furnaces. If they are not that efficient, they will cost a lot more to run, per square foot, than a furnace.

Call About Furnace Services in Hagerstown

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