Keep Your Kids Safe Around Electricity

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Electricity can be dangerous, especially for kids. As soon as kids are mobile, you can start teaching them electrical safety. This will help ensure that they stay safe and don’t suffer because they don’t know how to act around electricity.

What’s the Danger?

Electricity can cause electrical shocks. These range from relatively minor and slightly uncomfortable to strong enough to cause injury and even death.

Modern electrical safety standards help reduce the risk of electrical shock significantly. However, because kids are curious and often don’t know much about electricity, they are more likely to get injured.

What To Teach Your Kids About Electricity

There are a few easy things that you can teach your kids about electricity. Once they know these, they should be safer at home.

  • Electricity and water don’t mix. If kids are wet, they should stay away from electrical switches and appliances, and they shouldn’t plug anything in. Install GFCI outlets near water for increased safety.
  • Keep kids away from electrical outlets. When they are small, cover the outlets so they cannot put anything in them. As they get older, teach them that only plugs go in outlets.
  • Teach kids about plugs. Younger children should be taught to leave them alone. Older children should be taught to only unplug them by pulling on the plug (not the cord).

If you need help making your home safer for your children, contact us at Larry & Sons. We’ll help you find the safe electrical solutions you need to keep your family out of harm’s way. When you need help with any electrical services in Hagerstown, MD or the surrounding areas call us at Larry & Sons, to speak with an expert electrician today!