Lower Your Heating Costs

how to lower your heating costs hagerstown

Who doesn’t want lower heating costs in the winter? Try these options and all us at Larry & Sons today if you’d like even more strategies.

Use Space Heaters Strategically

Don’t use space heaters to heat large areas. However, they are perfect to heat up an office or a small room. If you work from home and you’re the only one there, turn on a heater rather than paying to heat the whole house.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans have a switch on the fan body that will make it change directions. This helps the hot air circulate lower in rooms, rather than collecting up at the ceiling. It can help you stay warm even when you’re keeping the thermostat set lower.

Close the Right Vents

You don’t want to close more than 5 vents in your house at a time so you’ll want to do it strategically so you can funnel the warm air where you want it. If you have large open areas, close the upstairs vents because warm air will flow up anyway.

Check Your Furnace Filters

If your furnace filters are dirty, your furnace will have to work harder – and use more energy – to keep your home even minimally warm. Simply changing your filters regularly can keep things working efficiently so you won’t have to spend as much on energy costs.

We can help you implement these strategies or suggest even more. Contact our heating experts at Larry & Sons today!