Why is My Furnace Leaking Water?

It can be worrisome to see puddles of water under your furnace. While we can diagnose the problem remotely, there are a few reasons why you might be seeing all that water. If this happens to you call us at Larry & Sons ASAP to prevent potential water damage to your home. Here are some reasons you may see water under your furnace:


In high-efficiency furnaces, condensation usually leaks out of the furnace and into your floor drain. If the drain gets clogged or the condensation tube clogs or breaks, you will see puddles of water on the floor.

Internal Drain Clog

Is your air conditioning still working some days? If it shares an internal drain with the furnace and that drain clogs, it can send water to the furnace instead. The leaking water has to go somewhere so it usually ends up puddling on your floor.

Broken Heat Exchanger

When your secondary heat exchanger breaks, you’ll see puddles of water form around your furnace. This can be an expensive repair, so call someone right away to find out what is wrong.

Furnace Humidifier Problems

Do you have a humidifier for your Hagerstown home? If it’s not working well, it can leak water into your furnace, which then leaks out onto your floor. Regular system maintenance can usually find these problems before they get bad enough to cause leaks.

Call A Professional Plumber ASAP

No matter what the problem is, it will take the services of a professional HVAC technician to diagnose the problem and fix it correctly. At Larry & Sons, we’ve seen all kinds of issues like this in our 60+ years of operation, we are Hagerstown’s trusted plumbing and heating company. Call us today to stop that furnace leak fast! Make an appointment today to discover how easy it can be to get your furnace back to normal.