What Can Cause My Air Conditioning to Leak?

Have you noticed water leaking from your air conditioning system? While this is a serious issue that requires AC repair in Frederick, MD, it is actually a very common problem.  Here is a quick summary of why this happens and how to fix it.

In order to cool your home, your AC uses a fan to push the warm air from your home over a series of very cold coils called evaporator coils. If you’ve ever taken a cold glass of water outside on a hot day, then you’ve seen condensation form on the outside of the glass. This same phenomenon occurs on the evaporator coils as the warm air from your house releases its moisture.

When it’s operating normally, this condensation will drip from the coils into a condensate pan and drain away. But over time, the pan and the drain can get clogged with dust, dirt and other debris. This will cause the condensate pan to fill up and the over flow.

When you notice that your air conditioning system is leaking water, you should call for repairs. This type of leak happens very slowly and because it is almost unnoticeable, it can cause water damage over time.

How to Prevent Water Leaks

Probably the best way to keep your air conditioning system from leaking water is to get it regularly inspected by a professional. During regular maintenance visits, your technicians will specifically check your evaporator coils, and the condensate pan and drain for any clogs that might be forming. They will clean these components to make sure that those issues don’t happen.

When you need any services for your air conditioning in Frederick, MD, make sure that you call the experts at Larry & Sons.