The “Don’t Flush” List

With the current toilet paper shortage, people are flushing all sorts of things down the toilet. Unfortunately, this often ends with clogs that require professional help when you need to get rid of them. While we are always happy to help you with a clog, we’d also like to help you avoid the problem entirely. Here’s our list of things you should never put down your toilet!

don't flush these!


It doesn’t matter if they are baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, or generic wet wipes – just don’t put them down the toilet! They don’t disintegrate like toilet paper does and they can be too heavy for water to carry down the entire length of your sewer. This leaves them sitting in your pipes, collecting other debris and making a massive clog.

Other Paper Products

Even paper towels and napkins won’t dissolve like toilet paper. They will act similarly to wipes, eventually sitting in your pipes and creating a large clog. They may absorb a large amount of the water that comes down your pipes, too, so other things will have trouble flowing down them as well.

Dental Floss and Hair

Because these don’t break easily, they can wind around debris already in your pipes and create a web, trapping even more of what comes down the lines.

If you do run into problems with clogged pipes, our plumbers from Larry & Sons would be happy to help you out. Give us a call or fill out a contact form, let us know what is going on, and we’ll send someone to you ASAP. No matter how complex it is, we’re here to help!