Stay Warmer with DIY Window Insulation

DIY Window Insulation

Stay Warmer with DIY Window Insulation

Did you know that insulating your windows can help keep the heat inside all winter long. It also keeps the cold out so you don’t get uncomfortable at home and don’t have to pay exorbitant heating costs.

DIY window insulation goes on the inside of your windows. It may attach to your window frame to create a bubble on the inside of the window. Other types can stick directly to your windows and use their reflective power to keep heat out.

How to Buy Window Insulation

Choose the type of window insulation that you want and need. The type that forms a bubble can make it hard to see out your windows, but the other type can leave a sticky residue on them if you ever try to remove it.

Your local hardware store should sell both kinds and may offer other options, too. If you’re not sure what you want, talk to someone at the store who can help you out.

Make sure you get enough window insulation for all the windows you want to block. You may need to measure them before you go. Keep in mind that that insulation comes in pre cut sections that you will then need to trim to your window size.

How to Install Window Insulation

Follow the directions on the package of window insulation that you purchase. Different types have different instructions. Most involve cutting the insulation to fit your window, then applying or attaching it properly.

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