Plumbing in Frederick, MD: Signs You Have a Water Leak

While we depend upon our plumbing every day, we hardly think about the complex layout of piping, fixtures, joints, and drains that make up our home plumbing system. That is, until a water leak occurs somewhere in our system. While sometimes obvious, as when a pipe bursts and the basement is flooded, leaks can often be notoriously difficult to detect. There are, however, some common signs that you have a water leak. In this post, we’d like to give you a brief guide to some of these indicators. But remember that water leaks should be handled professionally. For plumbing in Frederick, MD, call Larry & Sons, Inc. today!

  • Decreased water pressure. Unless you can see it directly, your hidden water leak may only be noticeable by decreased water pressure. While there are a variety of reasons for pressure problems, water leaks are common reasons. Not only is leak detection necessary to ensure that your pressure is up to the appropriate level, but also you’re paying for water that doesn’t even reach the tap.
  • Spike in water bill. Another common indicator that you have a water leak somewhere one your property is a sudden spike in your water bill without a corresponding increase in usage or energy cost.
  • Visible discoloration or staining. If you see discoloration or staining on parts of your home, then it could indicate a water leak under the floorboards or in the walls. It’s important to stay vigilant of any such signs because they may help you prevent damage to the walls and surrounding wood framing. Mold growth often occurs after such leaks.
  • Wet spots in the yard. If you notice wet spots in the lawn over your water main, then it could indicate a crack or collapsed pipe. Often, this is the result of root penetration or a shift in the soil.

Making sure that you take care of any water leaks as soon as possible is the best way to prevent major repairs and system replacements in the future. Repairing leaks will also alleviate the burden of paying for more water than you actually use. If you have a plumbing problem in Frederick, MD, call the experts at Larry & Sons, Inc. today!