Live in the Hagerstown Area? You Need to Read this Now!

Batten down the hatches! Winter Storm Jonas is set to blow into Maryland this weekend, and experts are predicting near blizzard conditions in the Hagerstown area.

Winter Storm Jonas Hagerstown
Image Courtesy of The Weather Channel

Hagerstown area residents should expect to see…

  • 18-24 inches of snow
  • High winds
  • Power outages
  • Whiteouts

The heaviest snowfall is predicted to occur from late Friday night into Saturday, and highway officials are urging area residents to stay off the roads and avoid travel unless absolutely necessary.

Are you ready for this major snowstorm?

Preparing for Winter Storm Jonas in Hagerstown

Safety is always a top concern during severe winter storms and blizzards. Before the weather strikes, stock up on some essentials so you can avoid going out when the storm is at its worst.

The American Red Cross recommends putting together a kit with:

  • 3-day supply of non-perishable food
  • 3-day supply of water per person
  • 7-day supply of medications and medical supplies (syringes, hearing aid batteries, etc.)
  • Personal hygiene/sanitation products
  • Baby supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Copies of important personal documents
  • Extra cash
  • Emergency contact information
  • Salt/sand/non-clumping kitty litter for driveways and walkways
  • Hats, gloves, winter coats

In addition to the basics, there are a few others things to keep in mind since power outages are predicted during this storm:

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Extra blankets
  • Non-electric radio

Candles and oil lanterns are options as well, but due to the potential fire hazard, we recommend sticking with battery-operated devices.

Pick up a car charger for your cell phone before the storm rolls in. This ensures that you won’t be stuck without communication during an emergency.

Power outages could make it impossible to fuel up since most pumps run on electricity. Make sure your vehicles have at least half a tank of gas just in case.

What if the Power Goes Out?

If the power goes out as predicted, don’t panic and don’t do anything that could put your family’s safety in jeopardy.

Never bring a grill, camp stove, portable gas heater, etc. inside your home or garage. These items give off deadly carbon monoxide gas and should only be used outdoors.

If you have a standby generator, never set it up inside your garage or home, and make sure it is hooked up properly.

Unplug all of your electronics and appliances, and only leave one switched turned on. As crews work to restore your power, there is a possibility of power surges that could cause significant damage.

Power outages during the cold winter months could lead to frozen pipes. To prevent this, leave water running from your faucets at all times. Even a trickle can keep water lines from freezing and possibly bursting.

Winter Storm Jonas is expected to cause major problems in the Hagerstown area. Stay safe out there, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re available 24/7 for emergency service, and we’ll do our best to take care of any problems you may experience. Call 301-733-5428.