Lighting Tips for an Illuminating Experience

Are you remodeling your home or changing your lighting because you hate it? Here’s what you need to know to get the perfect lighting for your house.

Have a Plan

Think about the activities that go on in each room and what kind of lighting is essential to doing them well. You may also want to think about any pieces of furniture, objects d’art, or other items that you might want to highlight.

Pick the Right Bulb

Consider several factors, then pick the best bulb for you. These include:

indoor lighting in Frederick to set the mood
  • How bright you want the room
  • The atmosphere you’re trying set
  • Energy usage and efficiency
  • What you want people to focus on while they are in the room

Use Spotlights Strategically

Spotlights can serve a number of purposes. They can highlight items that are important to you or that are central to a room. Arranged on either side of a fireplace or a large mirror, they can make a room feel more elegant or welcoming. A spotlight focused on the center of a large dining table can help bring people at the table together.

Consider Nighttime Lighting

Use lighting to both keep intruders away and help people find their way around your house at night. Make sure pathways to and from restrooms are well-lit and that you have sufficient indoor and outdoor lighting to deter vandals and other criminals.

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