Is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

furnace repair marylandIt’s getting cold soon and many homeowners wonder if it’s time to replace the furnace. Some wait with baited breath every winter when they turn theirs on for the first time, wondering if it will work or not. If you’re thinking that it might be time to get a new heater, here are some warning signs to look for.

  • Your heater is old. Most furnaces run for about 15-20 years. That assumes some regular maintenance and a few repairs here and there. If yours is about that old, talk to your HVAC technician about your replacement options. You might find that a new furnace is cheaper than you’d thought.
  • Your energy bills keep going up. As they get older, most furnaces don’t work as efficiently. This means that they need more and more energy to run well. Newer models are more energy efficient and are designed to retain that efficiency for longer. If you are spending way too much on energy, consider replacing your furnace.
  • The temperature inside is inconsistent. Maybe your furnace seems to run fine sometimes but not others. Maybe your home starts out warm in the morning but is cold by the end of the day, or different areas of your home are drastically different in temperature. This can be a sign that your furnace is on its way out.
  • You are repairing your furnace a lot, or needed repairs are expensive. At some point, it’s a better investment of your money to get a new furnace, rather than to replace the old one. We can help you figure out when this is. If you had to do a lot of work on your furnace last year, though, it’s probably time to think about a new one.
  • Your furnace is loud. Most of us know about what a furnace sounds like. If you hear unusual noises coming from yours, like clunking or banging, it’s time to have it looked at. Similarly, squeals an screeches can mean it’s time to get a new heater.
  • You smell strange smells. It’s normal for a furnace to smell a bit “off” the first time you start it. It’s probably just burning out dust that got inside of it over the summer. If, however, you smell sulfur or rotten egg smells, turn off your furnace and call someone immediately. You could have a gas leak, which can be deadly. Most of the time, leaking furnaces need to be replaced.
  • You have humidity problems. Have you noticed moisture around your furnace or your vents? This can indicate a significant problem with your furnace. Whenever repairs this major are necessary, it’s a good idea to consider simply replacing the unit.

If you need your furnace replaced, we would be happy to help you out. We’ll evaluate your needs, your desires, and your budget, then help you select the right furnace for you. We’ll get it installed fast, so you won’t be uncomfortable in your house for very long. Learn more about all our heating services in Hagerstown, or give us a call today!