Is a Furnace the Right Choice for a Home in Frederick, MD?

The winters in Frederick, MD can be tough, with temperatures that regularly go below freezing and an occasional snowfall. However, with the proper heating system working in your home, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a cozy environment all the way through the last surprise cold snap during the early spring. But which heating system is right for you?

In Frederick, MD, a furnace is a popular option for keeping the cold away. Furnaces are the oldest of all heating systems, dating to long before the Industrial Revolution. But there are reasons that they still keep homes and businesses warm today: they have continually advanced to keep competitive with modern technology. Furnaces today can run from a variety of fuels, and come in so many sizes and types that it’s rare for a heating company to have trouble finding a furnace to fit a home.

Can Larry & Sons locate a furnace that will match your home’s needs? Very likely. However, with the many options for home heating available today, you should consider all the possibilities: boilers, ground-source heat pumps etc. Our experts can guide you toward the right heater—and that maybe a good old-fashioned furnace.

Furnace Benefits

As we mentioned above, one of the advantages of furnaces is their variety. Furnaces can run from many different fuel sources; the most common today are natural gas, electricity, and propane. No matter what power source your home has, there’s a furnace that will work with it.

In general, gas furnaces have the most fuel-efficient performance, scoring high AFUE ratings (annual fuel utilization efficiency). They also pose little safety risk from leaks, a major improvement over older models. However, electrical-powered furnaces have their benefits as well: smaller size, low-cost installation. Regardless of their fuel source, furnaces are effective at generating enough heat to keep back the coldest winter days.

Furnaces require ductwork to operate, so if you already have ductwork in your home from a previous system, then a new furnace will make for an easy installation.

You should never attempt to handle heating installation on your own, and that begins with the process of selecting a heater. Experts, such as those at Larry & Sons, can determine the best way to heat your house that will fit with your budget and your long-term energy savings plans. With our more than 50 years of experience with Frederick, MD furnace installation, we are one of your best options for quality heating this winter, whether it’s a furnace or another excellent heating system.