How Your Furnace Could be Causing You High Utility Bills

Furnaces need to work overtime during the winter months, and in Frederick, MD, furnace technology has been sorely tested amid all of our heavy storms this winter. We’re accustomed to paying higher energy bills in cold weather. But higher demand for heating shouldn’t cover up for waste and inefficiency, which take money from your pocket in unnecessary monthly costs. The more aware you are of the problem, the better able you are to address it in an effective manner. Here’s how your furnace could be causing you high utility bills.

A lot of it comes down to basic upkeep. Dirt and grime build up over time, especially with furnaces kept in out-of-the-way locations like your basement. That dirt affects the ability of various components to function. For example, they can clog the burners, reducing your furnace’s heating power, or they can increase friction on moving parts such as your fan motor.

In addition, bolts and other fittings can loosen over time, causing components to rattle in their housings and further reducing overall efficiency. Then there the question of clogs and blockage, which can reduce air flow and impede the furnace’s ability to heat your home. Low air flow can also arise from a problem with the fan more or fan blade.

Finally, it might simply be that your furnace is quite old and its overall efficiency is lower than it needs to be. Furnaces measure their efficiency with a percentage, called the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (or AFUE), that measures the overall amount of energy used against the energy that actually goes into the heating of your home. The lower the AFUE rating, the less efficient the heater is and the more money you’re wasting on lost energy. If your furnace is more than ten years old and isn’t performing very well you may want to consider replacing it.

Even if you don’t need to replace your furnace, a qualified expert like the ones at Larry & Sons can help. We know how your furnace could be causing your high utility bills, and our maintenance program is designed to address the issue.  In Frederick MD, furnace repairs and maintenance don’t get any more reliable than us. Call us today to make an appointment!