How to Insulate Your Water Heater

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How to Insulate Your Traditional Water Heater

Save money this winter by insulating your water heater. It doesn’t take long and it can save you a lot of money on energy costs.

Find an Insulating Blanket Designed for Water Heaters

Your utility company may give these away, or you can find them at your local hardware store.

Turn Off Your Water Heater

Before you start, shut off the water and the power to your water heater.

Wrap Your Tank

Wrap the insulating blanket around the tank. If you need to, cut it so that is the appropriate height.

Cut Out Spaces

Mark where you need to make holes for pipes, panel access, and more. Cut these out to make the blanket fit snugly.

Tape it On

Tape the blanket on the water heater. If possible, place the taped seam away from any pipes or access panels.

Turn On Your Water Heater

Turn both the water and the power back on.

Experiment With Temperature Settings

Once the insulating blanket is installed, you may find that you don’t need to keep your water heater set as high as you did before. The blanket may be so effective that your water stays warmer!

Whether this happens for you or not, never set a covered water heater higher than 130 degrees. This can be a fire hazard.

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