How to Get Your Electrical System Ready for Winter

Save electricity in winter in Hagerstown with Larry & Sons

Your electrical system works hard during the winter. Take a few minutes to make sure it is ready for winter so you won’t have to worry even when it gets cold outside.

Check Your Heating Options

Make sure that your plugs and outlets are ready for any space heaters you decide to use. You should also check the connections in and around your furnace to ensure optimal functioning before it gets too cold.

Get the Lighting You Need

Install the outdoor lighting you need so you can continue your outdoor living this winter. You may also want to change out old bulbs with more energy-efficient options so you don’t have to spend as much on your lighting. If you plan to install holiday lights, make sure your outdoor outlets are fully functional before you plug anything in.

Consider Alternate Power Plans

If the power goes out during a storm, what will you do to stay warm and comfortable until it comes back on? Make sure you have an alternate power plan, like a whole-home generator, and that you test it to make sure it is working. Even a portable generator is better than nothing!

Call us at Larry & Sons if you want to have a professional electrician go over your electrical system before winter comes. We can also help you get a new generator or make sure that your heater is ready to keep you warm. Call today and one of our electricians will be there soon!

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