How High Pressure Jetting Is Used in Drain Cleaning

High pressure jetting is an exciting development in the plumbing field, and in towns like Waynesboro, drain cleaning operations are much more efficient as a result. The process uses high pressure water to scour the drains, a process that possesses numerous advantages over more traditional drain cleaning methods like chemical cleansers and mechanical snakes. If you’re facing a tough clog in your plumbing, you might consider letting a professional handle it instead of relying on an inadequate solution bought off the shelf at your hardware store. Here’s how high pressure jetting is used in drain cleaning.

As you may suspect, the process boils down to shooting water at very high pressures down the pipes. The hydro-jet array as affixed to your sink and the water is “fired” down the pipes in steady pulses. The force of the pressure scours the pipes clean, removing all traces of the clog and pushing it completely out of the pipe. Moreover, the water will clean off any further build-up elsewhere in the pipe: things that aren’t a problem right now, but could result in a clog further on down the line. That helps hydro-jetting become a very cost-effective solution for your plumbing problems.

Moreover, because the method doesn’t use caustic chemicals or harsh scraping tools like mechanical snakes, it’s very safe for your system. The pipes aren’t damaged at all by the process, and you don’t need to worry about chemical cleansers triggering some toxic reaction deeper in your pipes. Coupled with its environmentally friendly format (you can’t get any greener than plain old fashioned water), it makes the practice extremely attractive.

High pressure jetting requires proper training to use properly. Otherwise, the sheer pressure of the water can damage your furnishings if the hose gets loose, and may even cause injury if you aren’t careful. That’s why you should contact the experts at Larry & Sons, Inc. when you have trouble with your drain. Drain cleaning and plumbing services in Waynesboro are some of our specialties, and we can explain how high pressure jetting is used in drain cleaning before performing the operation with courtesy and care. Give us a call today and let us help you finish off those clogs in proper fashion!