Hagerstown Plumbing FAQ: What Gurgling Drains Might Mean

A plumbing system is the cornerstone of any house, providing clean water to drink, cook and bathe in. When problems arise, you want to address them quickly: in towns like Hagerstown, plumbing repair can be affected by inclement weather and our snowy winters can turn small issues into bigger ones if the water in the pipes freezes. Because of that, you should pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from your drains or any abnormal activity that appears in your plumbing. For instance, if you hear a gurgle coming from your drain, it could spell a potential problem. Here’s a partial – though by no means complete—list for what gurgling drains might mean.

  • A blocked drain. A drain that has become clogged with grease, food or hair particles may be slow to vent water, resulting in a gurgling sound as water moves past the blockage. This is actually one of the easier conditions for a trained plumber to address: clogged drains can be cleared using the right combination of tools and know-how.
  • A vent problem. Drain vents serve to keep gases from the sewer line from entering your home. If the vents aren’t installed properly or if they suffer damage, it allows sewer gases to leak up the pipe. That can create a gurgling noise as the gas bubbles up through descending water.
  • A leak. If a leak has sprung up in the pipes somewhere, it could create a gurgling noise whenever water escapes via the leak. This is potentially the most serious problem suggested by the unusual sounds, since leaky water can damage wood, wiring and other components surrounding the pipes.

Regardless of the exact source of the noise, an unusual gurgling sound probably requires the attention of a professional plumber. For towns in the Tri State area like Hagerstown, plumbing issues can be solved by the experts at Larry & Sons. Our trained technicians can get to the bottom of any gurgling noises. Call us today for an appointment and let us show you what a difference a professional can make.