6 Troubleshooting Steps for When Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

Technician fixing a Furnace that Won't Turn On

Picture this: The temperature outside is dropping rapidly, and you’re relying on your furnace to keep your home cozy and warm. But as you turn up the thermostat, you realize something’s wrong — the furnace won’t turn on. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a series of steps to troubleshoot and fix your furnace, ensuring you’re not left out in the cold.

What To Do When Your Furnace Won’t Turn On

A furnace not turning on is a fairly common problem, fortunately, it’s often easy to fix. Here are six things to try if your furnace wont kick on!

  1. Check Your Circuit Breakers: Even if you use a gas or propane furnace, some of the components run on electricity. If your furnace doesn’t switch on, the circuit breaker could be shut off. Check your circuit breaker panel to make sure all switches for your HVAC system are set to “ON.”
  2. Check Your Thermostat: If your furnace doesn’t turn on automatically, the thermostat may have lost its programming or reset. It may even simply be set on the wrong setting. For test purposes, set your thermostat about 10 degrees hotter than the current temperature to see if the system turns on. Also, double check to make sure it’s set to “HEAT.”
  3. Check the Drain Pan: Drain pans collect water that has been removed from the air by your HVAC system. When the system is working as it should, the water should be pumped out or drain out automatically. If the pan is full of water, a triggered float switch could be preventing your furnace from turning on. If this is the case, make sure the pan’s drain is clear or that the pump is working properly.
  4. Check Your Air Filter: If you’ve been neglecting your air filter, it could be seriously clogged, and a safety feature may be preventing your heating system from turning on.
  5. Check the Pilot Light: Many modern furnaces won’t kick on if the pilot light is out. This is a safety feature designed to prevent pumping natural gas or propane into your home.
  6. Check Your Natural Gas or Oil Supply: Lack of fuel could prevent your furnace from turning on. The best way to check your fuel supply is trying another gas appliance in your home, such as your stove. If it doesn’t work either, contact your gas or propane company.

When To Call for Professional Furnace Repair

If you’ve checked everything above and your furnace still won’t turn on or if you can smell gas or propane, you need help from a professional HVAC technician right away.

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