Frederick, MD Plumbing Tip: What to Do if Your Toilet Leaks

Unlike a problem with overflowing or continuous running, a leaking toilet might be harder to notice and diagnose at first. If you start seeing small puddles of water around the base of the toilet; if the bathroom floor feels “spongy” and boards are starting to come up; or you notice a distinct sewer odor, then you may have a toilet leak. Although this is rarely an emergency, it must get attention as soon as possible before the leak becomes worse or the pooling water starts damaging construction material and encouraging the growth of mold and bacteria. In a worst-case scenario, the weakened floor might eventually give way! Don’t take this sort of chance: get help from professionals like Larry & Sons. The plumbing in your Frederick, MD home deserves plumbers with experience like ours.

What Causes Leaky Toilets?

Toilets leak because of a faulty seal between the toilet horn (the base of the toilet that removes waste) and the drain line. Sometimes this stems from poor installation, but it can develop over time from rot or flanges that are too low.

What can you do about this? Not much on your own, aside from putting down towels to soak up the excess water and keep much of it away from your floorboards. To properly fix a toilet leak, the toilet must be “pulled” (taken from the floor) and new sealant put in. This requires detailed work and special equipment; don’t allow yourself to damage your toilet with amateur work or trying to do it on your own. Porcelain is costly to replace if it breaks, much more so than most of the components in the toilet. Trust the work to a professional plumber, who can handle a toilet and has all the proper tools and equipment to seal your toilet back down without causing breaks in your piping.

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Plumber Repairing Leaky Toilet in Frederick MD

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