Frederick, MD Heating Repair Guide: Why Your Pilot Light is Out

In terms of heating repair, Frederick MD ha the same concerns that other cities in the region do. We need reliable heating to handle our cold winter’s days and we don’t need repairs delayed during the times when the temperatures drop the most. A Fredrick, MD heating repair guide is no substitute for quality professional service, but it can help give you a basic sense of why certain malfunctions occur. Take, for example, why your pilot light is out. It’s a significant problem, and understanding the factors involved can help give you a leg up in requesting prompt repairs.

In a gas heater, the pilot light is used to activate the flames that serve as the heating element. When the pilot light goes out, the flames don’t ignite and your heater suddenly becomes inert. The need to address the issue is obvious; the causes can stem from any number of different things:

  • Blocked or corroded tip. When the tip of the pilot light is blocked or corroded with soot or other material, the gas can’t exit it and the light will go out. In some cases, a professional cleaning can restore a blocked pilot light. In other cases, the pilot light apparatus will need to be replaced.
  • Blocked gas line. In other circumstances, the gas line itself may be clogged or have a breach, in which case the pilot light won’t get any gas at all. Whenever you think there is a problem with your gas line, call for professional service immediately.
  • Air Intake:  Your pilot light needs oxygen to burn. If you have a problem with your air intake, your pilot light might not be able to stay lit. This is usually caused by a clog, but you should always have a contractor take a look if you think this is a problem to make sure there are no other underlying issues.

If you need to know why your pilot light is out and want to get it fixed again, contact Larry & Sons for help. We specialize in heating repair in Frederick MD and the surrounding areas, and our trained experts are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to set up an appointment.