Ductwork and Your HVAC’s Performance

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When people think about their HVAC systems, they usually think about their heater and air conditioner. Only very rarely do they consider their ductwork – the “V” in “HVAC” – and wonder if it could contribute to the problems they’re having. Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong with your ducts.

The Ducts are Too Small

If your ducts are too small for your A/C, your furnace, or both, the whole system will make a lot of noise. If you’ve recently gotten a new A/C or furnace and the system seems louder, make sure you check duct size. When your ducts are too small, your system has to work extra hard and experiences excessive wear and tear.

The Ducts are Too Big

When ducts are too big, your heater and A/C can’t get air to your entire home. You may have some areas that are much warmer or cooler than others. This can reduce your heating and cooling by up to 60%, so it’s worthwhile to check it out.

The Ducts Have Been Damaged

If your ducts have holes in them, your heated or cooled air is escaping. Like Dad always said, we don’t need to heat (or cool) the whole outdoors! Fixing these holes can raise your energy efficiency quite a bit, depending on the amount of damage to your home.

If you have questions about your ductwork or your HVAC system in general, the technicians at Larry & Sons would be happy to help. Call us today to have a tech out to you soon. Before long, your HVAC system will work like new.

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