Dry Skin and Hair? Ask Your Plumber About a Water Softener!

Dry skin and hair? Believe it or not, a call to your plumber could be the solution! Hard water wreaks havoc on your skin, hair and even your home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances, but with a water softener, all these problems are a thing of the past.

How Hard Water Causes Dry Skin and HairHard Water Dry Skin

Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that interact with the chemicals in bath products, preventing them from dissolving completely. Products that don’t fully dissolve don’t lather as they should, and they leave behind a residue that makes skin and hair feel dry.

Hard water combined with shampoo residue creates a goopy mess that leaves a film on your hair and makes it feel dry and straw-like. As it continues to build up, the hair becomes dull and limp.

The minerals in hard water clog the pores, especially on sensitive areas like the face. When combined with a build-up of soap residue, the effect is even worse. The skin often becomes dry, flaky and itchy. People who have skin that is thin, reddened or irritated from other conditions may experience worsening symptoms when bathing or showing with hard water.

How a Water Softener Helps Dry Skin and Hair

Water softeners remove traces of minerals and metals from your water supply, making it softer. With soft water, soaps and detergents dissolve with ease, and there is no hard water residue left on your skin or hair. With a water softener dry skin becomes moisturized when you shower instead of becoming dryer.

In addition, soft water reduces scaling and scum on your plumbing fixtures and even extends the life of your appliances, like your washing machine. You’ll use less soap to get the same results, and you’ll spend less time scrubbing hard water stains.

Water softeners are energy efficient, and they drastically improve the quality of your home’s water. Is a water softener right for your Hagerstown home? Contact Larry & Sons today to find out! Call 301-733-5428 to learn about Hagerstown water softeners.