DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning Steps

DIY Air Conditioner Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning your air conditioning unit can make a big difference in how well it functions and how much you spend on energy costs? It’s true, having a clean unit helps prevent problems or AC repairs down the road too!

At Larry & Sons, we would be happy to come to your home and clean your air conditioner for you. If you want to try doing it yourself, here are some tips from our Hagerstown air conditioning service experts

Remove the Outer Casing

Get out your screwdriver and remove the outer casing of your A/C unit. This gives you the best access to the coils and it allows you to see where dirt, dust, and other debris gather in your particular unit. The better you can get to know your unit, the easier it will be to get it clean.

Clean the Coils

Gently clean off the coils. This is where dust and debris are most likely to collect. The coils need to be free of these because they act as insulation. Since the coils do the cooling, you don’t want them fighting against extra insulation. Gently spray them off and use a wet sponge or rag to remove the rest. Let them dry thoroughly before you put the casing back on.

Change the Filter

changing dirty air filter on air conditioner hagerstown

Changing the filter is another way to clean out your A/C unit. When the filters get dirty, the unit has to work even harder than usual to get the air it needs to function properly. Make sure your filter stays clean to avoid this problem.

Cleaning your AC yourself is a great way to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit! Following these simple steps can end up saving you time and money down the road! Call us at Larry & Sons if you have problems cleaning your air conditioner or you don’t want to do it by yourself! Fill out a contact form, or schedule an appointment online with us today!