Ask a Plumber in Martinsburg, WV: What is a Drain Auger?

You probably know a drain auger by its more common name, a “drain snake.” It’s one of the most commonly used tools in the plumber’s arsenal, employed to unclog stubborn drains of all varieties. Plumbers in Martinsburg, WV face all manner of problems, from broken water heaters to sump pump installation. But drain augers remain a staple of their profession, and any plumber worth his salt makes sure he carries one close at hand.

The auger works by driving the bristle front end into the source of the clog. It acts like a corkscrew in a wine bottle, giving the plumber a solid grip on the offending material so that he can pull it out safely. In some cases, the snake can break up the source of the clog, allowing it to pass through the piping and out of the system safely. If the clog has attached itself to the sides of the pipe, the auger can scrape it off safely and again allow it to be flushed out of the pipes.

You may have a smaller drain auger of your own, which is useful for clearing up mild clogs. Professional plumbers will use mechanical augers that use motorized power and often have exchangeable tips in order to correctly treat different clogs. That variation is one of the reasons why it pays to consult an expert when dealing with a clogged drain. An improperly deployed drain auger can damage your piping system and turn a minor problem into a major one extremely quickly. A professional plumber can not only use a drain auger safely, but he can likely identify the exact cause of the clog and use the auger appropriately to clear it up.

If you’re experiencing a clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom, contact Larry & Sons to handle the issue. We cover plumbing issues of all varieties in Martinsburg, WV, and can handle your clogs with the utmost professionalism and courtesy.