Ask a Frederick, MD Plumber: Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Slow Moving Drains

Sink with Slow Drain in Frederick, MD

From fresh water, washing clothes or dishes to properly flushing toilets our plumbing systems make it all possible. For some reason, though, many homeowners still dismiss problems with their plumbing as being too “minor” to contact a plumbing professional in Frederick, MD about. This is your choice, of course, but doing so is inadvisable and can lead to some pretty serious plumbing issues. Here is some information from Larry & Sons about why you cannot afford to overlook problems with your plumbing, including slow moving drains.

Small Problems Lead to Bigger Problems

While a slow moving drain in your sink or shower may seem like a relatively minor inconvenience, you must keep in mind that all plumbing issues tend to start out small. By allowing a clog to develop by ignoring this early warning sign, you are putting not only your convenience but the condition of your plumbing system at risk. Once a drain begins moving slowly, whatever is causing this obstruction will not simply go away on its own. Over time the situation will worsen, developing into a full clog most likely. This can disrupt the pressure within your pipes, which can lead to cracks and bursts in some cases.

Plus, there are a lot of different reasons that your drains may be moving slowly. Sure, there may be some hair in your drain trap. It is also possible, though, that tree roots have worked their way into your system. This is a more serious issue and can lead to some real complications. The only way to be sure that your plumbing and your drains are in no danger is to schedule service with a professional plumber at the first sign of trouble.

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For more information about the causes of slow moving drains, and what you can do to avoid such issues, contact a professional Frederick, MD plumber at Larry & Sons.

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