3 Common Methods of Drain Cleaning

Clogs are one of those “everyday” plumbing problems. We sincerely hope that you aren’t experiencing sink clogs every day (and if you are, give us a call immediately), but they are an occurrence that people expect to happen on a routine basis.

Sometimes you can clear out a clog with a plunger, which is a safe and simple method to do the job. If the plunger doesn’t work, do not resort to liquid drain cleaners purchased from the store. Instead, call for a plumber for professional drain cleaning in Greencastle, MD. Larry & Sons, Inc. handle drain cleaning that will eliminate clogs and also thoroughly clean your drains to prevent future clogs… we’ll removed the “­everyday” from “everyday clogs.”

3 Ways Professionals Approach Drain Cleaning in Greencastle, MD

  1. Drain augers: Also known as “drain snakes,” these incredibly useful devices are effective at cleaning out most major clogs from sinks without needing to resort to harmful chemicals. They operate similar to corkscrews, except on a long, flexible line. A coil of wires goes down the drain until it reaches the obstruction. Then, a motor turns the end of the wires (some augers are hand-cranked) so they drive down securely into the clog. The plumber can then pull the clog out or break it apart and wash down the rest of the debris.
  2. Hydro-jetting: This advanced technique clears out drains and eliminates large amounts of build-up from the sides of the pipe using the action of high pressure and high temperatures. A hydro-jetter consists of a motorized device to place water under high pressure and a hose with a nozzle that goes down inside drainpipes and blasts out the scalding water to scour the pipe interior. Hydro-jetting is potentially dangerous in amateur hands, so only allow trained plumbers to perform this work on your pipes.
  3. Video pipe inspection: A large part of cleaning drains is finding out what needs to be cleaned and where. Advanced video pipe inspection equipment eliminates much of the guesswork in this process and allows for faster and more effective drain cleaning jobs. Using miniaturized cameras fed down into the pipes and the feed sent back to a monitor, plumbers can ascertain exactly how to best clean out pipes. (This equipment is also invaluable for leak detection and repairs.)

Drain cleaning isn’t a task you should schedule only when clogs are causing problems. Having regular cleaning done every year will help you avoid future clogs and keep safe water pressure levels inside your plumbing.

Call Larry & Sons, Inc. for preventive drain cleaning or other important plumbing services in Greencastle, MD. With our training, equipment, and more than 50 years of experience, we will keep your plumbing at its healthiest. Call us today and speak with one of our qualified plumbing experts.