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Modern homes are built to be efficient, attractive and comfortable for all of the occupants. One of the most important components to that comfort lays hidden beneath the floors and inside the walls of your home: your plumbing system. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to carry out many necessary daily tasks, like grooming and cleaning. That’s why you need to have a highly skilled and qualified Frederick MD Plumber perform any installation, repair, maintenance or replacement services for your home. Larry & Sons, Inc. is a family–owned full–service plumbing company in Frederick, MD that has been in business since 1960. We’ve worked with countless customers to provide them with quality plumbing service and our expert plumbers can handle any job, large or small. Call us today to talk with one of our friendly plumbers.

Plumbing Services in Frederick

The drains and pipes comprising your plumbing system have to deal with a ton of use throughout the year. Many thousands of gallons of water come and go through your home and your plumbing system, so it’s essential that your plumbing work smoothly with no leaks. If you need leak detection, drain cleaning or if you need any other kind of plumbing service in Frederick, MD just call Larry & Sons, Inc.. We respond quickly to your call and our expert plumbers can perform any type of plumbing work that you need.

What to Look For When Hiring a Frederick Plumber

We know that there are a lot of plumbers in Frederick. But there are a few things that savvy customers should look for when trying to find a new plumber.

  • Proper Certification – In order to legally operate a plumbing contracting business, you need to have a state–issued license. One of the first things that you should look for in a new plumber is proper licensing. Here at Larry & Sons, Inc., we carry two licenses that are shown at the bottom of this webpage: one for HVAC contracting and one for plumbing and natural gas fitting.
  • Experience – There are some things that you just can’t learn in a classroom or training seminar. Having enough experience in the field allows your plumber to handle unexpected occurrences and problems that can arise on the jobsite. We’ve been in business since 1960 and our plumbers have seen it all.
  • Insurance – Finally, make sure that you ask your plumber about their insurance. Respectable plumbers will always have insurance that is intended to cover the customer and their own business if one of their plumbers is injured while on the job at your home.

What You Need To Know About Your Plumbing System

Frederick, MD Plumbing Repair

One of the most common misconceptions that we’ve noticed over the years is that many homeowners think of their plumbing system as just a collection of interchangeable pipes and drains. However, your plumbing system was specifically designed in a certain way so as to most efficiently handle your home’s needs. As water flows through the pipes it pushes air in front of it and it also creates a vacuum behind it. In order to accommodate this movement of pressure, your plumbing system has a series of vent stacks that allow air to come in and to exit.

This is why it is always advisable to call a professional plumber whenever you have any kind of issues with your plumbing system. While the occasional do–it–yourself project can be fun, your plumbing system is not a good option for such endeavors. If something goes wrong the consequences could be severe.

Plumbing Repair Service

When your plumbing system starts to break down, you need a plumber that can get the job done quickly but who also has the skill and training to get the job done right. Larry & Sons, Inc. has over 50 years of experience in the plumbing industry and our highly trained plumbers can fix any issue that you’re having. If you need plumbing repair in Frederick, MD don’t hesitate to call Larry & Sons, Inc..

Plumbing Installation Service

Many different kinds of plumbing problems can be traced back to bad installation work. Don’t let your home fall victim to bad plumbing installation: call Larry & Sons, Inc. whenever you need any type of plumbing component installed in your home. Our expert plumbers are trained to provide only top quality plumbing installation service, so give us a call whether you need a new water heater installed or just a new drain. For any Frederick, MD plumbing installation service, Larry & Sons, Inc. is the company to call!

Plumbing Maintenance Services

You make sure to get your car’s oil changed regularly right? This type of preventative maintenance is designed to keep your engine working well for as long as possible. This principle holds true for your plumbing system as well. That’s why Larry & Sons, Inc. offers plumbing maintenance in Frederick, MD. Our program includes regular visits from our expert plumbers, which could reduce the amount of repairs that you need, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your plumbing system. Plus, our maintenance program members get access to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, extended warranties and discounted prices. Call us today to find out more.

At Larry & Sons, we pride ourselves on hiring the best team, whether it’s expert plumbers or top of the line heating & cooling technicians in Frederick, MD. No matter what your home service need, give Larry & Sons a call for unbeatable service!

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Tech was courteous and knowledgeable and explained what he did and why. I never felt like they were trying to up-sell me, but rather provided the info I needed to make an informed decision. I would use them again. – Steve T

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