Tips for Recognizing the Need for Heating Repair in Frederick, MD

When it comes to heating repair, Frederick MD residents can’t afford to take chances. Problems with your heating system don’t always result in a sudden breakdown. They can creep up on you over time, often making themselves known in the middle of winter just when you need your heater the most. Maryland’s cold season can get quite arduous, and a lengthy repair service could leave your home as cold as an ice box. The sooner you can spot a potential problem, the better your chances of nipping it in the bud. Here are some tips for recognizing the need for heating repair in Frederick, MD.

  • Your bills go up. As time and use take their toll on your heating components, you’ll see the effects in higher bills. These aren’t necessarily repair bills, but rather normal monthly bills covering regular use of your heat. If you spot those bills creeping up, even if you’re not using your heater more than normal, it’s probably time to call in a repairman.
  • Home isn’t warm enough. If your heater is running, but the air isn’t sufficiently warm, it could suggest a number of growing problems. The pilot light may be having trouble, there could be issue with the thermocouple, or the heating coils may not be functioning as they should (depending on the exact nature of the heater). The malfunctioning component will need to be replaced before the heater works as it should.
  • There isn’t much air flow. Your heater may be warming the air just fine, but if the blower isn’t working, the hot air won’t circulate throughout your home. This could be a problem with the fan blade, the fan belt or the motor running the whole blower system. There may also be a blockage in the system somewhere, preventing the air from flowing like it should.

After recognizing the need for heating repair in Frederick, MD, the next step is to call the pros at Larry & Sons, Inc.. Call us today to set up an appointment.