Questions to Ask Before You Hire an HVAC Professional

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Do you need your heating or air conditioning system repaired or a new one installed and are planning to bring in an HVAC professional? Here are some key questions that we recommend you ask anyone before you hire them to work on your home. At Larry & Sons, we are happy to answer these, or any other questions you might have.

What Training/Licensure Do They Have?

You should be comfortable and aware of the training level of the individuals who will be working in your home. If some of them have less training than others, make sure you know who is responsible for making sure the job gets done right.

Who’s Cleaning Up?

Make sure you know who is responsible for cleanup after all the work is completed in your home. If it’s them, let them know what expectations you might have around clean up, even if it’s as simple as sweeping up or as detailed as repainting damaged walls. And if it’s you, ask what precautions they will take to minimize the task.

Who Can I Call For Recommendations?

Professionals and companies should always have people you can contact for recommendations when it comes to their services. These should be satisfied customers with problems or issues similar to yours. Reach out to them and ask what the company was like to work with.

Contact us at Larry & Sons whenever you need HVAC services for your home. Our licensed professionals will always clean up after themselves when they’re done, and we are always happy to direct you to people who will recommend our work.