Is it Time For a New Air Conditioner?

Are you thinking about getting a new A/C unit for your home? Maybe you were considering it at the end of last summer but you decided to wait until this season to make the final decision. Here’s how you can decide if you need a new A/C.

  • Is your A/C old? If it uses freon as a coolant, it will need to be replaced the next time you need more coolant because the federal government has outlawed older coolants in favor of ones that are better for the environment. You may also want to replace an A/C that is older than 10-20 years simply because it’s not going to last too much longer.
  • Did you need a lot of air conditioning repairs last year? If your air conditioner struggled last year, chances are good that it will do the same this year. Save yourself the hassle of having it stop working, having to call us to repair it, and waiting until the technician can get there. Replace it now instead.
  • Are you facing costly repairs? If you’re going to have to pay a lot to repair something major on your air conditioner, check to see if it would be cheaper to get a new one. Some homeowners find that it’s more cost-effective to simply replace their A/C rather than to repair it.

Call Larry & Sons today for a consultation about your air conditioner in Hagerstown! We’ll let you know if we think you need a new one and help you choose one that will be perfect for your home.