Frederick, MD Heating Tip: Maintain Indoor Air Quality This Winter

Would you like to know more about how to maintain indoor air quality in your Frederick, MD area home this winter? The indoor air quality experts at Larry & Sons are here to help. Whether you are interested in a whole-home humidifier, air cleaner or UV germicidal lights, we can help maintain moisture control and reduce the symptoms related to dry air and allergies.

Whole-Home Humidifiers

Installing a whole-home humidifier that works with your heating system provides better results than few room humidifiers with less risk. Room humidifiers don’t monitor or control the amount of moisture they produce and can add too much moisture, which can encourage mold growth and other issues. In addition to dry skin and sinus issues, air that is too dry can also damage home furnishings, wood flooring and wallpaper inside your home.

Air Cleaners

Most heating systems are not designed to work with a true HEPA filter, so installing an air cleaner is the only way to get the benefit of a high-efficiency filter. If you are interested in an air cleaner, call us at Larry & Sons any time to have a a trusted Frederick HVAC professional help. We will go over the different types of mechanical and electronic air cleaners and the pollutants they target so you get the right air cleaner for you and your family.

UV Germicidal Lights and Indoor Air Quality

Air treated with UV light is a healthier and safer option for families in the Frederick, MD area. Bacteria transmitted through the air in your home’s HVAC system can cause illness. UV germicidal lights attached to the HVAC system remove harmful bacteria, preventing the spread of airborne bacteria. The disinfectant properties of UV lights kill bacteria safely, leaving the air pure.

Don’t Wait Until Summer

If you are interested in an indoor air quality device to improve your home this winter, call us at Larry & Sons any time to have a a trusted Frederick HVAC professional help. Contact the Frederick, MD HVAC experts at Larry & Sons to learn more about other options to optimize your home now and in the coming seasons.