Frederick Air Quality Guide: Problems Caused by Dry Air

The humidity in your Frederick home is probably something that you don’t think about very often. The optimal humidity level in your home is between 45% and 65%. But keeping the humidity level in your home under control can have some serious benefits to your property and to your personal health.


Dry air can aggravate a number of health-related concerns. When the humidity level in your home is lower than 30% it can cause bacteria, mold, fungal spores and dust mites to dry out, float up into the air. Keeping your home’s humidity at the optimal level can cause bacteria and viruses to die much faster. Low humidity can also dry out your nasal passages and throat which can leave you more vulnerable to viruses. Using a whole house humidifier can also decrease the build-up of static electricity.


Maintaining proper humidity in your home can also protect your investments. In dry conditions the wall paper in your home can dry out and peel, your furniture can crack, moldings and paintings can begin to warp. If you have a piano, it can detune if left in dry air for too long. A whole house humidifier can help protect and extend the life of your property and your investments.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep the humidity in your Frederick home at the proper level, then call the humidity and air purification experts at Larry and Sons.